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12/5/05 04:50 pm - stillbourne

That time of the year again.....

if any of you want a holiday card from me, please comment with your address....
(it will be screened for your privacy)

(sending them on Thursday, comment before then)

NOW screened. sorry about that!

11/7/05 06:53 pm - eviltera - New stuffs

So, I think the last set of buttons I made, suck ass, so I started making more tonight.

I will edit this post and add to it as I make stuff. Feel free to promote.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

10/19/05 10:43 pm - happynekko - Four Poisonus Plants!

To spare your Friends Pages, it shall be placed under ze cut!

Dont Tred On MeCollapse )

More about them later....

10/6/05 08:35 pm - happynekko - Who Was Paracelsus

Spooks wanted to know who Paracelsus was. this website gives a pretty good overview of his life and what he did.

I suppose thats what he looked like. As you may guess, he did a lot of his work in the Middle Ages.

10/3/05 01:47 am - poison58 - Poison prevention tips for adults

Poison Prevention Tips for Adults

It is not uncommon for adults to become victims of an unintentional poisoning. Follow the tips below and prevent needless poisonings.

Household and Chemical Products

Keep potential poisons in their original containers. DO NOT use food containers such as cups or bottles to store household and chemical products.
Store food and household and chemical products in separate areas. Mistaken identity could cause a serious poisoning.
Read and follow the directions and caution labels on household and chemical products before using them.
Never mix household and chemical products together. A poisonous gas may be created when mixing chemicals.
Turn on fans and open windows when using household and chemical products.
When spraying household and chemical products, make sure the spray nozzle is directed away from your face and other people. Wear protective clothing--long sleeve shirts, long pants, socks, shoes and gloves--when spraying pesticides and other chemicals.
Pesticides can be absorbed through the skin and can be extremely poisonous. Stay away from areas that have recently been sprayed.
Never sniff containers to discover what is inside.
Discard old or outdated household and chemical products.
First aid instructions on product containers may be incorrect or outdated. Call your local Poison Control Center or doctor if an exposure occurs.
Keep the telephone number of your local Poison Control Center on or near your telephone.


Read and follow the directions and warnings on the label before taking any medicine.
If you have any questions about the intended use of your medicine, contact your doctor.
Some medicines are dangerous when mixed with alcohol. Consult your doctor or pharmacist.
Be aware of potential drug interactions. Some medicines interact dangerously with food or other medicines. Your doctor should be made aware of all medicines, prescription or over-the-counter, you are currently taking. Talk to your doctor before taking any natural or herbal supplements.
Never take medicines in the dark.
Old and outdated medicines should be flushed down the toilet. Some medications can become dangerous or ineffective over time.
Never share prescription medicines. Medicines should be taken by the person prescribed and for the reason prescribed.
Keep the telephone number of your local Poison Control Center on or near your telephone.

9/30/05 09:15 pm - happynekko

"What is there that is not poison, all things are poison and nothing (is) without poison. Solely the dose determines that a thing is not a poison."
-Paracelsus (1493 - 1541)

9/24/05 08:36 pm - happynekko - Know Your Poison-Ricin

RicinCollapse )

9/24/05 06:58 pm - poison58 - What is poison.....

And know we will know the truth.

9/23/05 05:21 pm - eviltera - Promote!

If you would like to promote, just paste this handy code into your user info, and people can link back to us.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

9/23/05 04:38 pm - eviltera - Lookie Here

Here's some small banner/buttons to use for linking back to the community.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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