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:: A Poison Love ::

Hug your Hemlock

9/22/05 09:48 pm - happynekko - Know Your Poison!

OleanderCollapse )

Interestingly enough, in Arizona, oleander is used as fence covering and privacy dividers.

9/19/05 10:53 am - dementedheather - Something about Poison Ivy (The plant, not the lady)

Thought that would be fun:


9/19/05 10:46 am - dementedheather - A new poison lover

:: Name :: - Heather -

:: Age :: - 24 -

:: Location :: - My room. :P -

:: Favorite Color :: - black, dark red, dark blue -

:: Favorite Poison :: - Deadly Nightshade / Belladonna -

9/18/05 07:15 pm - spooky_sez - :: mod ::

Here she is, mine and your favorite lady now has a tv series- http://www2.warnerbros.com/web/gothamgirls/unmasked.jsp

9/18/05 12:25 pm - poison58 - Poison58 here

What is a poison community without a poison? So here I am. Poison58.
:: Name ::Poison

:: Age ::42

:: Location ::undetermined at this time, possibly Assylum

:: Favorite Colour ::Is there any other than black?

:: Favorite Poison ::drugs

9/17/05 08:26 pm - forest_nymph_3 - Hey

:: Name :: Rachel

:: Age :: 16

:: Location :: Springfield, Oregon

:: Favorite Colour :: Purple

:: Favorite Poison :: Arsenic

I actually don't know much about poison, but it's one of my favorite words... :)

9/16/05 08:36 pm - happynekko - Women Who Poison

I'm doing a study on women who kill via poisoning. I beleive I read somewhere that women are more inclined to use poison as their means of murder then knives because women are less likely to act in the heat of the moment like male killers are.

So I am compiling a list of articles on women poisoners, as well as reading some books, just to see the pyschological mindset and patterm.

here is the first in my list of findings:

Victorian Poisoners
The article is a breif summury of females using various poisons as murder weapons in Great Britan's Victorian Era.

First is the story of Adelaide Bartlett and the poisoning of her husband Edwin, and the strange trial that followed.

Suspicious family members of Florence Maybrick discovered that she had used arsenic to kill her husband.

Then you'll read about Madeline Smith who poisoned her lover with a cup of aresenic coco.

Then there is Britain's "Mass Murderess", Mary Ann Cotton who, the article alludes, killed 14 people by poisoning.

The dillusional Christiana Edmunds poisoned the woman she beleived to be her rival with a box of strychnine laced chocolates

And lastly the article tells of Dr. Pritchard, the only man the article talks about who was in love with his servent girl.

The one thing these women (and Dr. Pritchard) had in common was the men(women) in their lives were either unatainable or in their way. Could this be called love? One of the most potent emotions felt by humans that would cause someone to use the most hands-off cold way of killing someone.

More reading is needed to further this irony.

9/15/05 09:03 pm - spooky_sez - :: mod ::


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